What can life insurance do for you?

We help you find the right life insurance you need to have peace of mind for the present and future of your family. No two lives are the same. See how different types of insurance can give you choices and options in life. We can help you get coverage in annuities, term life, universal life and any other life insurance option that is on your mind.

Is your business and employees adequately protected?

A business protects its assets by purchasing insurance for buildings, stock, contents, employees etc. It is also important that a company insures the earning capacity of the business. “It is a fact that after a major loss, 50% of businesses do not survive as they do not have the correct policy cover in place, so it is CRITICAL a business gets this right.” We understand how important your business is to our community and we are fully committed to help you find the right insurance option by comparing protection and finding the best value for your home base, just started, or stablished and growing business.

How do we make sure you move freely?

Having the right insurance means you can move freely without worrying about the unpredictable. At A&E, we insure all types of vehicles and all the people and companies that can use them. We are recognized specialists in the automobile insurance industry. We are happy to review your current car insurance and make sure you have the correct coverage. Did you know that Florida is a No-fault state for car insurance? Do you know what uninsured motorist means? For this reason, we have created a wide variety of options with excellent coverage and added values, designed for all needs. In addition, you can rest assure we only work with A+ rated companies.

Do you have the correct protection for you home?

We are experts in providing insurance that offers peace of mind and protection to the home. We make sure you have the correct protection for the structure, contents, and family assets against the risks of loss or material damage that may affect them. Understanding homeowner’s insurance does not have to complicated. We can help you explore all the options and limits that your policy need sand the ones you do not need as well. Our insurance professionals can go into detail so are protected against fire, flood, hurricane, accidents, amongst many other. You can rest assure that we always have the best price for the best coverage.